Individual/ Family Quote Request

Get the right plan, option and benefits

Whether it’s just for you or for your spouse/partner and dependents (children), being on the right medical scheme option is a very factor in our lives. It is not something you can afford to not have in place should illness or a medical emergency strike.

The options and benefits offered by the top open medical schemes in South Africa are wide-ranging and very detailed, often complex to understand. Selecting the scheme and option that is best for your (and your family’s) health needs and budget can be a daunting task.

By requesting a comparative medical scheme quotation from MedQuote, you have the ability to see and compare which scheme and options offer you the most valuable and relevant benefits and features at most competitive monthly contribution.

Through our medical scheme quotation platform you can see what the better fit is for you – be it a simple private hospital plan or more comprehensive option with day-to-day benefits included.

Once you’ve completed our quotation request form you will receive a comparative quotation based on the first round of information provided on the form. Through telephonic / email correspondence with our fulfilment partner, you will receive the necessary advice and consultation from the accredited financial services provider to make the best decision and selection.